Our highly skilled mechanical engineers provides all product development stages: from the design to the implementation in the mass production. Because of their excellent skills and experience with a structural engineering analysis & design software all our design engineers are able to create 2D and 3D graphical representation of the product.The document file formats are most used and integrated with our system for an effective management of the business activities as well as with the most CAD systems.

The renovation of our workshops with new state of the art CNC machinery caused the formation of a specialized team of CAM-engineers with knowledge of new technologies and ability to implement a new technical solution. Alongside the engineers responsible for the special manufacturing processes, they guarantee that the development of new hydraulic cylinders will be quick and effective.

To maintain the high quality, a new laboratory was formed and equipped with the latest measuring equipment. At that lab our specifically trained engineers guarantee the high quality of our products by using state of an art equipment. There is a coordinate measuring machine, specific machinery for measuring the levels of hardness and surface finish, for nondestructive testing of the materials and for testing and determination of the purity of metals, as well as metallographic analysis.