Axial Piston Motors series MA2V

The motors from the MA2V series are our first variable axial piston motors. Introduced in 2016, tthe motors from this series quickly became one of our best-selling motors. They are extremely popular with the manufacturers of agricultural machines.

The dual displacement variable motors from the MA2V series are intended for medium duty operations with maximal geometric volume of up to 50cm3 and minimal of 2cm 3. They are offered with cartridge type body for direct inclusion. The motors from this series offer smoove work and extreme toughness. The current list of options for this series is huge, as the customer can choose from multiple options for shaft extensions and different port sizes.
The motors from this series are full alternatives for the motors from the following brands and series: Sauer Danfoss: LC/KC;  Linde: HMV-02; Bondioli&Pavesi: HPV4P; Rexroth: A10VE
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